Grand Central train company is helping students with top tips to make your uni experience a pleasant one.

A quick 7 step ‘Things Students Forget When Starting Uni’ guide has been made for you to ensure that your youthful years at university will balance working to deadlines and participating in a social life will be as easy as it can be.

  1. Study hard – It might sound obvious but after the whirlwind of Fresher’s and adjusting to your new surroundings, actual education can slip to the back of your mind. Remember what you’re there for! Take the opportunity to absorb information both in and around your subject area and use the free books from the library while you have the chance.

 2. Save, Back up, Repeat – Missing a deadline due to computer issues won’t pass as an acceptabusb-41998_640le excuse. Investing in a good memory stick and an external hard drive with a lot of memory are two of the best things you can equip yourself with for your university life. Ensure that you save your work as you go and back up regularly, so that a spillage on your laptop doesn’t mean you lose the term’s work. Likewise, take out insurance on your laptop so that if it does end up with a cracked screen you can get a replacement.


  1. Plan your work – You might have been able to get away with leaving essays until the last minute at A-Level, but you will need ample time to research around the topic and gather sources at degree level. Leave yourself plenty of time to draft essays and set yourself a schedule that you stick to, learning to work independently like this is one of the most valuable things you learn at university. If you’re doing an arts degree it may feel as though you have a lot of free time, but you should be spending it studying ensuring you can enjoy your evenings and weekends. Work backwards from deadlines and build in contingency time for proof-reading and laptop issues.


  1. Bag a bag – You may have got by in life before with a worn-out backpack, but you’lBackpackl need a strong bag and a bag for life as overflow. You’ll be amazed at the number of books you rack up in addition to your laptop, chargers, iPad, and various passes and discount cards. Then there’s gym kit and materials needed for clubs and societies, so do yourself a favour and get a good bag to see yourself through.


  1. Heels have no place on campus – Abandon those heels on day one of term, ladies. You may be the girliest of girls and never caught dead without your stilettos, but they have no place on a campus of students dashing between lectures and hauling books on and off public transport. Invest in some (comfortable) flats and save the heels for nights out.


  1. Stay positive – At some point in the first term you will feel unwell, have pangs of homesickness and question your choice of halls/course/city. This is completely normal and will subside! If you genuinely think you have made the wrong decision on your course, there are often ways that you can switch during the first term, just visit the student guidance team if you feel you need support or advice on making the right choices' for you.


  1. Enjoy yourself! – You’ve made it into university due to a lot of hard work, so enjoy every minute of this amazing opportunity. A new city, an interesting course and new friends to share it all with. These next few years will fly by at an unbelievable pace so don’t let them pass you by. Make an active effort to do everything you want to do because now is the time to do it.


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