Victoria Sanusi

Chris Summers says Labour’s decision to reduce the tuition fee will encourage more
people from low-income families to go to university.

The Labour Candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip adds that the decreasing the tuition
fee will lighten the burden on those who will be graduating from university in the coming years.

The legislation made by the coalition government, back in 2011, saw University tuition fees
triple in size for students. This would be slashed if Labour wins the General Election on 7th May, said Summers does not back to pre-coalition levels.

The 47 year old told Le Nurb that dropping the tuition fee back to £3,000 “may be very
difficult considering the size of the national deficit and the growth in various other ‘bills’ the nation has to pay.”

He added: “An ageing population will make the NHS and social care more and more
expensive in future.”

Current West London undergraduate students gave their reaction to Mr Summers’ pledge.
Grace Adeniji, an International Politics student at Brunel University London, said: “Although
it’s great that they're reducing costs, I feel it's too late. I've paid £9,000 for three years. (Plus
maintenance) and I definitely do not feel it's justified.”

She also added: “I genuinely feel that it should be brought back to £3000 per annum, or to
be frank be free like Germany.”

Jasmine Brathwaite, a Journalism student said: “Universities have hiked up their tuition fees
to 9k even though quality of education didn’t reflect that cost. Some university course will not be worth 6k yet that is what all will charge.”

Nivine Arafa, a Journalism student said: “It doesn’t make a difference who is elected because
they always promise things and never implement them.”