Tired of snoozing your alarm clock until you’re brave enough to stick one leg out of your duvet and onto your cold floor every Monday morning? Instead, substitute those frustrating, overcrowded, sardine-packed tube journeys for mopeds zipping up hillsides in the search for sought after secluded waterfalls. Battle those brain-dead responses to ‘how was your weekend?’ with antidotes of how you conquered climbing volcanoes and meditated with monks on Balinese roadsides. It’s time for you to quit the excuses, tick off that travel bucket list in 2017 and start embracing adventure. Forget that same old bar, with the same happy hour and the same nights out ending with ‘Wonderwall’ and cheesy chips. You need to get out there: exploring, rejuvenating, and living!

Giving you that well-needed inspiration, here are the destinations that are taking over and topping the travel trends for 2017:


It’s the kaleidoscopic melting pot that will heighten your senses and have you conversing with travellers from all over the globe. Fuel your inner foodie with lessons in Hoi An, Vietnam, taking you beyond your cheesy pasta and baked bean dinners to sharpen up your culinary skills to show off back home. Marvel at the madness of the Koh San Road, obligatory shark cocktail bucket in hand and wake up at the same time as the roosters start calling to trek to the temples at Angkor Wat for sunrise, proving that Asia caters and provides something for absolutely everyone.

Pack your bags…Topdeck does all the hard work for you and will whisk young travellers off the beaten track with a boat tour round Inle Lake in Myanmar, or have you snapping the ultimate seflie whilst tobogganing down the Great Wall of China.



It’s no surprise that Bali is set to be the destination of choice for Millennials this year, as searches for this eclectic paradise that offers postcard-ready blissful beaches has massively increased from 2015. Novice or pro, ride the waves across its idyllic coastline or channel your own Eat, Pray, Love travellers tale and visit Pak Sirkus in Canggu whose an extraordinary healer and miracle worker on bones and aching limbs. Get going and see more with Topdeck as they have expanded their Bali offering and have just launched the Bali Active trip, combining adrenaline junkie white water rafting with the art of meditation and yoga classes to champion those zen-like vibes in Ubud.

Pack your bags… blow that backpacker budget and dine at Starfish Bloo, the W’s beachside restaurant. Accompanied by the sound of crashing waves, sip on sunset cocktails and leave your palette infused with the tantalising Pan Asian menu.


Go Greek this summer and take your friends on this short-haul destination mini-break that promises picturesque cliff-side drives, sparkling azure waters and handfuls of handsome waiters. Whether you choose to follow in your fave fashion bloggers footsteps to the cobbled streets of Santorini, have your breath taken away by the iconic windmills of Mykonos or if you prefer to indulge in some island hopping to see more than just moussaka, Greece will occupy your mind with the laid-back luxe of Mediterranean lifestyle.

Pack your bags… settle into island life in Mykonos and climb down the cliffside to the unspoilt Agios Sostis. You won’t spot a deckchair or an umbrella in sight, leaving you free to absorb the sparkling sea idly lapping against pristine white sand.


Shove that Ushuaia opening party souvenir t-shirt back into your suitcase and discover what the White Isle really has to offer. Not just reserved for five days of debauchery, opt to head to the high seas for some serious R & R. Trade trashy kebabs for beachside BBQ’s and forget the sweaty dance floors as you drench yourself in piercing sunlight and pristine waters, discovering hidden coves and secluded sands. Buried treasure is optional.

Pack your bags… giving a whole new meaning to chasing the sun, hop aboard Topdeck’s Island Sunchaser kick back, enjoy an aperitif and snap endless #NoFilter sunsets.


Voted amongst the top ten happiest countries in the world, it’s no wonder we’re all flocking to the home of maple syrup and peanut butter. With more lakes than any other country and this year marking the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederacy, all international visitors will be treated to free access to Canada’s national parks allowing travellers to experience the beauty and diverse nature of the region without spending a penny – win, win no matter what!

Pack your bags… make sure you soak your weary muscles in Banff hot springs after you’ve stood in awe (jaw-dropping compulsory) at the famous Whistler National Park.

Giving you that well-needed kick to get that overstuffed rucksack on your back, Topdeck have launched the ILOVETRAVEL sale, with up to 40% on selected Europe, Australia & New Zealand trips as well as 2 – for 1 on selected Sailing and Asia trips.

And for tips on how to get saving for these trips of a lifetime, check out my post on sacrificial saving – the Millennials answer to affording a life well travelled…