Words by Charlotte Hulme


Long haul flights can be… well… exhausting, to say the least! However, in order to travel, to see family, to experience new things, new places and to find yourself even, sometimes you just have to jet-away. I recently flew to Australia and I’d heard all of the horror stories regarding the sheer length of the flight and the boredom when going from the UK. Suffice to say, I prepared as sufficiently as possible and it worked. So, I’ve decided to give you lovely readers eight ideas in order to combat your boredom on a long haul flight!


1. Get Planning

If you’re going on an adventure, a holiday or a trip of a life time then your long haul flight could be the perfect time to confirm what you’d like to do whilst in the place you’re going to. Most airlines will have pamphlets and/or in-flight magazines about your chosen destination, found in front of your chair, and these could be beneficial with planning your trip.


2. Neck Pillows and Eye Masks

Self -explanatory suggestions but crucial all the same! I’ve lost count of the amount of uncomfortable sleeps I have had on flights, always feeling woeful that I didn’t grab a neck pillow before. Long haul flights are ideal for sleeping, and in order to shut yourself out from reality neck pillows and eye masks will help whisk you away. Which brings me to my next suggestion…


3. Sleep

More often than not, you’re going to arrive in your destination and feel tired or jet-lagged. So, why not count as many sheep and grab as many winks as you possibly can during your flight. It’ll make the time go faster too…promise!


4. Drink Green Tea

Green Tea, top travel tip alert, is proven to help with jet lag. I’m not saying it will dispel it completely but if it helps, then why not? It's inexpensive, natural and easy to use as opposed to synthetic medicines, for example. Green tea gives you that energy boost needed post-flight and, well, it’s tasty right?


5. On-board shopping

I’m a big believer in holidays being the chance to treat yourself, to indulge in the finer things in life. Peruse an on-board shopping magazine and get yourself some perfume, a new outfit for cocktails in the sun or maybe something you could use to document your travels!


6. Read a Book

In our busy lives it’s sometimes very difficult to just get a moment to ourselves where we drift away and engage in a good book, autobiography or even a magazine. When you’re on the go at all times, surprisingly a long haul flight gives you that time and that excuse to just sit back, relax, and read!


7. Watch on-board films

For me, this is my all time favourite aspect of being in the air. I always stumble across films that I’d been meaning to watch for ages, but hadn’t got round to watching or I discover hidden gem of a film that absolutely mesmerises me. So, grab some snacks and distract yourself from the time by watching a movie.


8. Talk to people

Hey, it’s not just you on this flight you know! Why not engage in conversation with a stranger, it might be interesting? I once flew from London to Edinburgh, a flight just over an hour, but the lady next to me was from Australia and she had never been to Scotland before, she told me all about her travels so far and she asked about my studies, the conversation was so good that we were still talking when we landed. Suffice to say, the time “flew” by…


Our flight essentials checklist!
Our flight essentials checklist!