A new chilly thriller reached our TV screens on the 29th January in the form of Stephen Brady’s Fortitude.

Fortitude is an Arctic town, described a number of times as ‘the safest place on Earth.’ Rich with economic opportunities and discovery, nobody in the town is prepared for what comes next.

We are first introduced to Henry Tyson (Michael Gambon – who many will recognise as Professor Dumbledore of the Harry Potter franchise) appearing to shoot a friend in the head accidentally, while he is being mauled by a polar bear. This is the first of many mysteries sure to unfold in the upcoming episodes.

Viewers saw the horrific death of Professor Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston of Heroes and GI Joe) by the time the first episode concluded; surprising, as we expected such a big name to be a lead character throughout the series.

Stoddart’s death is surrounded with mystery after several characters appear to benefit from his death after he unearthed some information regarding the discovery of a mammoth.

Pinnock’s character Frank Sutter, plays his troubled and adulterous role well, leaving the audience sure of his villainous traits. This makes him an unlikeable character, provoking us to cringe at his slurry of bad decisions.

We also see the typical alpha male competition between the sheriff Dan Andersson (Richard Dormer) and DCI Morton (Stanley Tucci), as they fight for control over the murder investigation.

Without giving too much away, Fortitude would be most appreciated by those who enjoyed programmes such as The Killing. It is quite obvious from the first two episodes that the murder of Professor Stoddart will not be simply solved any time soon.

The slow, unassuming pace allows the viewer to get comfortable, but not for very long.

Watch Fortitude on Thursdays on Sky Atlantic at 10pm.