Disney movies are such that they capture the attention of almost everyone. More than often, they break the barriers to gender and age. With revolutionary movies like Tangled and Frozen, animated films have entered a complete new era, creating a brand new interest in them from all over the world. And of course, who doesn’t love Game of Thrones. Not sure where I am going with this? Well let me explain. Imagine a brand new season, which could possibly be the best mash-up of a Tangled-like fairy tale but set in a Game of Thrones surrounding. Or if I dare must say, imagine Game of Thrones as a comedy musical. Sounds cheesy but surprisingly it works.

At first the name makes it sound like some sort of Cirque du Soleil inspired series, which would certainly not appeal to the masses, “Galavant”. But once you start watching, the first few minutes hold a certain fire, and then the tale moves on to trouble for a youthful couple and then a sudden heartbreak of Galavant, played by British actor Joshua Sasse. It comes as no surprise that the music in the series is absolutely brilliant and down right amusing; the series is the mastermind of Dan Fogelman, Alan Menken and Glenn Slater, the people behind the success of Tangled. But it is not just Galavant, the hero of the series, whose role attracts the audience, but it is the wannabe evil King Richard, played by Timothy Omundson and the ambitious sexy temptress, also the love of Galavant’s life, Madalena (Mallory Jansen), who make the series an interesting watch. Madalena not only has the King wrapped around her finger, but also knocked the brave warrior Galavant off his feet, becoming the reason for his bad drinking habits and his decision to renounce from the world of fighting crime. It is not until Princess Isabella (Karen David), shows up at his door to ask for his help in saving her kingdom from the evil King and informing him of Madalena crying and longing for him every night, that Galavant decides to fix his life. Meanwhile, King Richard tries again and again to capture Madalena’s attention and make her forget Galavant. The series continues to follow the adventures of Galavant, on his way to save his one true love once and for all. Released in January 2015 and filmed mainly in the United Kingdom, Galavant has already become Yahoo’s most searched for new show of the month premiered this year.

Galavant has all the right ingredients for a successful show; the perfect cast, gorgeous setting, the right amount of comedy and pain, flawless music and a brilliant story line. The show is a must watch for anyone looking for something fresh and different. It is very easy to fall in love with every character, each actor doing a brilliant job at playing a solid and believable role. The show is warm, colourful and happy, adding life to anyone who watches it. The naughtiness, amorousness and the clowning in the script of the show make it absolutely worthwhile.