For those of you who loved the Danish crime drama 'The Killing' ('Forbrydelsen') starring the tough-talking Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl) who made those Faroese knitted jumpers famous, 'The Bridge' ('Bron/Broen') is another Scandinavian show with an equally strong leading lady; Saga Norén (Sofia Helin). However, Norén's fashion statement is not knitwear; she has a flair for the fitted leather trouser.

The first season teams up the Swedish and Danish law enforcement who must work together in order to solve the case of the corpse found at the centre of the Øresund Bridge, which borders both Scandinavian countries and thus makes the investigation a mutual jurisdictional matter. From Malmö, Sweden we have Saga Norén and from Copenhagen, Denmark Martin Rohde(Kim Bodnia); the lead homicide investigators. What follows is a serial killing spree in Sweden committed by a perpetrator nicknamed 'TT' or the 'Truth Terrorist' who uses the media, in particular an arrogant journalist Daniel Ferbé (Christian Hillborg), as a conduit to publicise a spate of social and political attacks leading up to his sinister end game.

An unlikely 'buddy cop' relationship develops between Norén and Rohde who struggle to get used to each other's quirks. Norén is very blunt and socially awkward. While it is never confirmed if she suffers from Asperger's disorder it is strongly inferred from the moment we first meet her at the scene of the crime. Her cold directness offers a plethora of amusing lines and retorts that shock even her own colleagues in the Malmö precinct. Whereas Rohde is more of an old-school policeman, guided by a moral compass, except when it comes to his personal relationships.

As with The Killing an American version of The Bridge has already aired two seasons in the US, with the connecting piece of architecture this time being the Bridge of the Americas which divides Texas and Chihuahua. The show stars Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Matthew Lillard and Ted Levine. A third season of Bron/Broen is currently being filmed minus Kim Bodnia due to "artistic differences" and will primarily be set in Denmark.