With popular programmes such as 'Game of Thrones' and 'True Detective' currently being broadcast, the latest dystopian drama 'The Leftovers' is another must-see show to add to the list of quality television from HBO. The series comes from Damon Lindelof (co-creator of 'Lost' and writer of 'Prometheus' and 'Star Trek Into Darkness') and Tom Perrotta (based on his book) and stars Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler, Amy Brenneman, Chris Zylka and Christopher Eccleston.

Max Richter's haunting piano theme from the opening of the pilot episode will grab you as we get a glimpse of the "Rapture" from the very start. The show then picks up three years after the apocalyptic events in which 2% of the world's population vanished, including The Pope, Condoleezza Rice, Shaquille O'Neil and celebrities such as Gary Busey and Jennifer Lopez. The residents of Mapleton, New York are dealing with the loss of their 'departed' loved ones; those who were chosen to ascend to heaven and avoid the plagues and destruction from the Tribulations on Earth, before the Second Coming. Theroux ('Mulholland Drive') stars as the Chief of Police Kevin Garvey, Jr. who is trying to maintain law and order in the town that is divided by 'The Leftovers'; people mourning and attempting to move on with their lives and the GR cult-like community; the 'Guilty Remnant' those who are adamant not to forget what happened.

The programme is mainly split between three intertwining storylines. Firstly, we follow Garvey as he struggles to balance his job with his estranged family; living only with his daughter as he teeters on a nervous breakdown. Secondly, Megan Abbott (Tyler) is "targeted" by Laurie (Brenneman) and the rest of the GR and ends up joining their group as a refuge from her dissatisfied relationship. And thirdly, Garvey's son Tommy (Zylka), is away elsewhere; aiding the mysterious and morally ambiguous Henry 'Holy Wayne' Gilchrest, Jr. (Paterson Joseph) who claims to be a healer and saviour of mankind.

The Leftovers premiered on Sky Atlantic on 16 September with a ten episode season and has already been renewed for a second.