Fans of the programme were taken by surprise as the last episode took a surprisingly dark twist. With the plot dealing with issue of death in a uncanny way.

The eighth series of the British science fiction television programme featured the irrational yet amusing twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) as an alien time lord travelling in time with accomplice, Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman). The last episode served the completion of the jigsaw puzzle presented through the storyline of the series created by the king of sci-fi himself, head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. The storyline of the last episode concluded the series with the unravelling of the identity of the mysterious woman called Missy (Michelle Gomez) as the Doctor’s arch enemy, the Master. Being illustrated through the series to welcome people to the “afterlife”, where she plans to turn the dead into cybermen.

In particular the last series saw conflicted views amongst the audience as Steven Moffatt surprised viewers ending the series on an unconventional sad note. Providing an emotional, adventure packed, roller-coaster ride as the episode tapped into many sensitive issues from the life of a soldier to death itself. As Clara’s boyfriend Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) was not brought back from the dead, as he declines the offer of being saved giving it to a boy he had killed when he was a soldier.

However viewers complained of the dark themes in the episode speculating theories of the afterlife, inducing fear, by associating death with fear and pain by being burned and buried alive. Nevertheless the BBC was moved to defend the plot. In a statement the BBC said, “Doctor Who is a family drama with a long tradition of tackling some of the more fundamental questions about life and death. We were mindful of the themes explored in Dark Water and are confident that they are appropriate in the context of the heightened sci-fi world of the show”.

On the contrary, it’s needless to say the series was far from what was expected, after many critics had slammed the decision on the new Doctor being unusually older that previous Doctor’s. I feel it should be noted that Peter Capaldi’s performance was refreshingly different, developing an intriguing character, with the presentation of a stark character shifting from a cold to gentle front all in one scene. Occasionally breaking his dark appearance with memorable saying’s from the series such as “timey-wimey”, contradicting the acting of Matt Smith and David Tennant as the Doctors who used the odd flirting when playing the character.

After the first preview of the Doctor Who Christmas episode aired on the show Children in Need, it seems the new series is definitely going to be entertaining. With Nick Frost playing Santa Claus, mixing the Christmas cheer with adventure and thrill, as some new aliens hit the scene.

After a series of countless revelations and twist and turns, Steve Moffatt has decided to yet again take the storyline back to the origins of the Doctor, exposing the coordinates of Gallifrey by the Master, proving to be a real spin on the events to come. Raising suspensions of there being more Time Lords other than the Doctor, which could ultimately provide an interesting turn of events; however it looks like only time will tell.