Brunel University’s student union has held its first ever 2014 UBS Staff Engagement Survey.

The lengthy 81 page survey was published with all the results of performance ratings that the staff who took part could vote positively or negatively on.

It consisted of many areas such as communication and employee well-being, which in particular, scored 88% from the student staff vote.

Craig Lithgow, Chief Executive in senior management of the Union said: “The survey was defiantly a good investment because it has given us the first step of trying to understand how our staff feel. We need to go back to the basics to make improvements where needed.”

The UBS Survey has a breakdown of all the staff member groups who took part, from the HR team to the senior management themselves.

Craig added: “We treat our staff fairly and we try and spread the load as much as we can so we can provide employment for students.

Student staff are restricted to work 20 hours a week but we want to give them the choice if they would like to take on more shifts.”

A particular area that had more than half of the student staff voting negatively was when the question arose about being informed on any mistakes they had made in the workplace on time so they could make improvements. 56% voted negatively. Craig responded to this: “We need to be open about the things we disagree and agree on so we can make improvements. Our staff are our strongest asset and we probably don’t utilise that as best as we could.

We are trying to get as much feedback from our staff by doing smaller local level surveying and creating a forum for our staff to share their thoughts and meet up to talk about these issues – it is on Andy Proudfoot, Director of Operations agenda.

Communicating backwards is key and we know that this is something we can’t do well but we are working on it.”

Craig added that “an organisation needs to be pro-active and its much better now than it was 11 years ago, of course it does go through its peaks and troughs.”

The union is taking every step to ensure that the views of its staff are heard and mainly prioritising the needs of the students.

The next UBS Staff Engagement Survey will be conducted in October 2015 and is due to go live in February 2016. Results will be released April 2016.