Le Nurb's Student Assembly Live Blog 

Student Assembly is the Union's main decision-making body. It creates and oversees our guiding policies, holds the Student Officers to account, and is involved in Union campaigns and development.

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month during term time. All students can attend, but only Members can vote on decisions at them.


  1. Motion to create gender neutral toilets in the Union building
  2. Motion to lobby the University to create gender neutral toilets in theLibrary and the Lecture Centre
  3. Motion to widen the range of pronouns use on forms and surveys usedand created by the Union of Brunel Students: Gender is not tied to yourGenitals.
  4. Motiontolobbytheuniversitytowidentherangeofpronounsuseonitsforms and surveys: Gender is not tied to your Genitals.
  5. Motion to work with the Brunel Medical Centre to provide Rapid HIVtesting for students, staff and members of the local community

Additional Papers and Emergency Motions:

Summary So Far: