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Student Assembly is the Union's main decision-making body. It creates and oversees our guiding policies, holds the Student Officers to account, and is involved in Union campaigns and development.

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month during term time. All students can attend, but only Members can vote on decisions at them.

The Agenda

Can be viewed here in it's 96 page glory.

Additional Papers and Emergancy Motions:

30th October 2014 - Amend byelaw E | Polling Station | Referenda Supplimentry regs | Updated Initiations Policy

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Highlights so far

- BDS Motion hotly debated - goes to a silent vote. Motion Now passed

- Motions passed for increased Equality and diversity, along with a motion for larger scale inclusivity within Brunel Sports teams


7:48: Union website has now gained a feedback and complaints section for the website.

7:47: Marcus states that help given to those who are involved in student representation will be given more resources in order to improve the system. Martin puts forward a suggestion for more people to get a place upon student assembly, around the student charter the VPSA will be hainvg a campaign about the launch of the student charter to explain the rights and responsibilities for the students. This campaign will run next month. - Contact VPSA to get involved!

7:46: All reports have been accepted. Now Onto AOB.

7:39: Volunteer chair report accepted without questions in an indicative vote.

7:39: Kerri Prince's Report is not present in the agenda, and a vote update will be given later.

7:36: Environment Strategy Working Chair: Has many plans to make the Green Week period "Really Awesome" after question. Leon Commends her enthusiasm towards the environment. Hannah Questions plans for Green Week, Mehvish says she is attempting to bring in external speakers to discuss the influences of the environment.

7:36: Equality and Diversity chair report goes ahead without any questions.

7:35: Report Accepted, Voting Indicative.

7:34: Video Brunel Is still being constructed. Kirsty reposnds saying that the page is almost constructed, apart form the static pages. This should be done in the next week.

7:32: Student media Chair Report: Olive commends the work of the media chair. Question for Kirsty - Aim for a radio show and six hour days. We are well on the way to the aim, and are open to any applications. We are looking at 200 unique visitors a week with 800-900 listeners a week.

7:31: Motion passed on report.

7:30; RAG events on campus have raised over 160 pounds today. the target for the year has yet to be decided, however realistically between 50-60 thousands, but the preferred amount will be £100,000

729: Soc Report Indicative, report passes.

7:28: Eq and D Chair Olive "We will be completely impartial to any discrimination cases put forward"

7:26: UBS Societies Chair: question on how they will support for Jewish students while supporting a BDS? How does it effect the role in terms of impartiality. Ali Responds "The BDS motion has nothing to do with religion... the motion has been passed, I think we should move on"

7:25: Report passes

7:24: Next up, questions on sports impact - how will they work with the sports impact teams in order to increase green credentials?

7:23: Motion to Vote for the vote - Vote passes and report is accepted.

7:22: Question to Leon: The documents will inevitably printed by lecturers in feedbacks - This reduces the green impact advantage of online submission.

7:21: Feedback must be given to the differences through marking on screens A) aims are to have online feedback to eliminate the process of filling things in illegibly.

7:20: Question to Leon: suggests its naive to think printing only works for the coursework, as there are many other uses for printing.

7:20: Question to Leon: What will the centenary event have? Leon replies with a WWII veteran to discuss the war with individuals.

7:19: Question to leon "How is online submission an alternative to free printing" Leon answers: Online submission enables paper free for coursework, and the timescale for free printing will take a year, and have decided to go for online submission.

7:18: Leon: Missing from the report, will have an event to commemorate the centenary of the first world war.

7:17: Officers reports thus far have gone past unquestioned.

7:16: Student activities report: Ali Thanks UBS Pres and VP Community welfare for help in gaining funding for societies

7:15: BDS MOTION UPDATE: Results 16 Yes, 13 No - Motion on BDS passes

7:15: result indicative, result

7:13: Martin has a second update about the issues on campus heating, communications have been put out giving reasons for our current situation. However, Heating date has passed and students are still complaining. An emegency meeting will be held tomorrow at 12-1 o'clock tomorrow in academy, giving an opportunity for the student body to suggest a resolution.

7:12: After strike, Chief operating officer will  put in place motions to stop the strike from affecting students.

7:10: While Votes are counted, we will move along to Martins Report: UCU Lecturers union have proposed a strike if it goes ahead. Will directly impact the assessment markings.

7:08: votes are being collected

7:05: Motion for secret ballot: For Wins, Motion Passed and will be a secret ballot.

7:04: Ali Speaks against " We must stand against our decisions for transparencies sake"

7:03: Procedural motion for silent voting on this issue. Kirsty Capes proposes for the motion: “ I think a lot of people in this room have friends in this room who have spoken for or against the motion… other student assembly members may not feel comfortable and pushed into a secret vote”

7:02: Motion for concludes: "Long after we leave from brunel, they will look back on how brunel voted... today is history, make sure you stand on the right side"

7:00: Motion Against concludes: Suggests its will lead to anti semitism

6:58: Individual against the motion: The whole of BDS won't achieve peace, and calls for cultural and educational boycotts - these are inherently racist. We need to secure the piece against is real palestine.

6:56: Yousuff - For The Motion: “we have a responsilibty to stop funding and buying isreali products from the occupied land. By supporting this, we are responsible for these killings.I am not pro isreal, I I am not pro palestine, I am pro human rights.”

6:55: Individual against: Suggests we need to stop this dividing the union. We need to recognise we don't live in a vacuum - the worst thing to do would be to widen the gap for and against.

6:54:Individual For:  A letter with over 300 MPs was signed supporting the movement, if they can do it then why not me.
6:52: Martin: Talked to proposer about the implications, and they have raised concerns about the way that this should be tackled. We must find other ways to support those in palestine right now. - Believes this is not the way forward.

6:51: Muhammed "Imagine the people in palestine and the way that they get treated... should we just let this happen or have a voice?"

6:51: Muhammed to speak for the motion next, and Martin against.

6:50:Raphael:  The report fails to define what it will boycott and give free reign. It results in a motion which discriminated the whole population of Irseal. “How can someone else decide what the religious implications are… it represses the voice of those who are fighting for change and is discriminate to everyone"

6:49: Raphael Walla, along with three others to speak against the debate, while four to speak against.

6:48: “The country looks on us to lead, we are the only hope these people have"

6:46: Motion to support a motion for BDS - Ali Minali speaks for this motion. "Thousands of Innocent people have been murdered"... "We have to understand in some way we share responsibility for these deaths" " It is our unequivocal duty"

6:45: Vote Indicative Motion Passes

6:43: Hannah Jones Speaks for a motion ensuring sport is accessible to all and free from discrimination. If passed, a working group is made up to discuss ways of creating procedures for avoiding discrimination. Report from a student says “when looking at their involvement in sport, those with health issues are under represented”. The motion is about offering equal oppourtinities to all students.

6:41: Votes Indicative, motion passes.

  1. What is the disciplinary process: A: A clear process which all clubs and societies would know about. These are currently under discussion but may include removing the right of booking a pitch for sports clubs, or not able to go to the sports fed ball t the end of the year. It sends a clear message.

6:41: The motion allows for societies to be educated on "overlooked and misrepresented concepts" such as lad culture - in order to safeguard the high levels of equality on campus.

6:39: Eq & D Chair puts forward a motion to update UBS on policy on social events, Initiations and Alcohol. Olive wants to bring the Zero tolerance policy from sexual harassment to all forms of discrimination. This allows all students to be protected and feel secure on campus regardless of the behaviour of others. This is not arguing a specific issue, but to safeguard rights and the ability to question.

6:38: Votes Indicative: Motion passes

6:37: Question about the information online, a member finds it difficult to find.

6:34: No motion against, Question about the products and services G4S provides - Ali Doesn't exactly know, but they have specific contracts with HSBC. Freedom of information act has been put forward for the university investment in the company, but no investment in the Union.,  what the alternatives will be: There are a number of security companies with a better humanitarian record, such as frontline which is also used on campus.

6:34: Also implicit in crimes against Israeli prisoners.

6:33: Motion put forward to remove G4S from campus. Ali Minali speaks for kicking G4S on campus, as they have been implicit in crimes both home and abroad.

6:33: Vote indicative, motion passes

6:32: No objections - Straight to vote

6:32: Intention to use media communication channels about the event, and use these channels to put willing students in touch with each other.

6:31: This motion doesn't dedicate any funds for the position. The Motion wants to let Brunel students know about the demonstration, and reaffirm free education as a goal within the union.

6:30: Motion to support free education, put forward by George Bowden: Put forward to state the views of the union about free education, and to raise awareness for a protest march in November. "Full and equal access to education will act as a way of repairing inequality, and ultimately remove it"

6:29: Motion to vote - Indicative, Motion passes

6:28: Motion to include Halls Committee through a halls committee chair. Leon speaks on the topic, saying that this will allow the halls committee chair to report back on progress.

6:27: Votes Indicative, Motion Passed

6:26: Ali Minali: Motion to be moved to the end of the assembly meeting, to disrupt the meeting as little as possible

6:25: Votes indicative: Motion passes

6:23: Martin speaking for the motion: The proposal for the movement of the ballot stations were rejected, and have moved further from campus. The vote is to approve lobbying against hillingdon council. - Meeting on the 6th of November to submit a petition on the topic.

6:23: Second emergency motion - Hillingdons proposals for the polling stations in the next general elections. Requesting a move to on campus for students.

6:21: Votes for indicative motion passes - Bylaw E to be amended

6:19: first emergency motion put forward. UBS President Martin for the motion Put forward specific rules for the referenda, as election rules are restrictive for a referendum. Reasons include not being able to post on social media, which makes it difficult to campaign.

6:18: Rotenda, Hannah, Ryan, Kerri, and Yohannah are elected for the disciplinary committee

6:17: Rebecca and Ryan have both become elected for their positions.

6:16 - two people (Rebecca and Ryan)  have put themselves forward for the elections referenda committee (where there are three positions), and 5 for  disciplinary committee (where there are eight)

6:15: Vote passes

6:13: Elections for the Elections and referenda committee, to ensure all election are currently dealt with correctly. This is important as we have two referenda this year: One on NUS, and one for governance structure.

6:11: Vote passes for previous minutes, which can be viewed in the agenda.

6:08: Checking if we have Quoracy

6:06: 9 votes for, 6 Votes against, 1 Abstaining. Non members can speak in this meeting.

6:04:  Silence has fallen over the Council Chamber. Vote for or against a discussion about the motion for non union members.