There has been a long and fierce debate over the difference between zombies and students. Both have an insatiable hunger, both stagger around brainlessly (particularly on a Thursday morning), and both have a reputation for being a bit smelly. Although I would argue that reputation is rather unfair. Zombies don't always smell that bad.

On Saturday 15th November, Zombies took over the Phoenix Centre in Leicester for the annual UK Festival of Zombie Culture. The event, now in its 8th year, is the fault...responsibility...I mean amazing achievement of an enthusiastic chap known only as Zombie Ed. A few members of Brunel Zombie Society bundled into a car, raced up the motorway at an incredible 50mph (thanks to road works), and staggered along to join the entertainment. The event consisted of authors David Moody and Adam Millard selling and signing books, professional SFX makeup and photography companies Gav'n'Gore, KOllective, and Horrify Me, retailer Zombie Shop, a selection of zombie-themed console games to play, an amazing raffle, and the main focus: Thirteen hours of zombie films.

UK Festival of Zombie Culture review

The six films were: the UK premiere of American retro gore movie Bombshell Bloodbath, the rather bleak 2011 US release Exit Humanity - that sets a zombie outbreak against the American Civil War, the brilliant Indian zombie comedy Go Goa Gone, the UK premiere of Australian film Theatre of the Dead, hilarious Cuban zombie comedy Juan of the Dead, and finally the New Zealand entry I Survived a Zombie Holocaust. That's right, zombies are big and they have gone multicultural.

Despite a significant decline in the number of guests dressing up for the event compared to previous years, there were still a number of impressive zombies around and everyone, young children and more elderly zombies alike, thoroughly enjoyed the event, promising to return. If you decide to come along next year, which I highly recommend, be sure to buy lots of raffle tickets! We came home with bags of goodies thanks to winning the top prize, and coming runner up for best costume with the Zombie Winnie the Pooh I was ruining childhoods with (although all credit for the makeup goes to the amazing Gavin of Gav'n'Gore).