ult frisbee varsity report CREDIT ADAM WHITE 2
Adam White
West London Varsity 2015 saw Brunel Ultimate Frisbee compete for their first time at Varsity. With the match getting underway at 2pm at the site 5 pitches.

Brunel pressed their opponents early on to take the lead which only grew and grew, the score at the half way point being 7 – 1 to Brunel.

The scoring continued from the Brunel pack and despite two more points scored by St. Marys, the match was won with an impressive lead of 14 points to 3.

Brunel put together this impressive win with six different scorers getting their names on the board; Samuel Persaud getting a point, Andy Gilyead and Andrew Lenton getting two a piece, Alex Baker and In-sun Tribe getting a further one point a piece, the what seems to have been the star scorer of the match; Ryan Harris scoring seven of Brunels 14 points mostly from some massive hucks from Samuel Persaud who showed his usual incredible display of throwing the disc.

Despite the massive lead, one of the Brunel team, taking a breather on the side line, was quoted as saying; whilst Brunel were stacking up in defense, that “the match is much closer than the score suggests”.

After the match the usual post match circle up occurred, where the two teams sit in a circle together, sitting in an alternating pattern so every Brunelian is sat next to two Simmies, and vice versa for the Simmies to Brunel, and a reflection is had by both teams on how the match went and how their opponents did.

The Brunel team, celebrating their first ever Varsity - and a win at that - cracked open the bottles of champers and lit up some Brunel blue flares. In all the excitement; we caught up with the club chairman, Josh Mason, who had this to say; “I thought it was amazing, its so great to have our first Varsity!...the win, we put a lot of work into extra outdoor training sessions…I trained hard….I led from the front….and the only reason I didn’t win man of the match is because Alex Baker took an incredible catch for his point!”

Further to the success of West London Varsity 2015, Brunel Ultimate also attended a developers tournament the following Saturday, which is aimed at players who haven’t had more than two years experience of the sport. The mixed team, represented by; Ryan Harris, Aaron McGuire, Michael Roberson, In-sun Tribe, and Rianne Goh Shin Yi were undefeated throughout the day and won the final 10 – 5, bringing home more silverware for Brunel.