The Union of Brunel Students has launched 'Team Brunel' a new brand that encompasses all of Brunel's sports clubs.

The campaign, headed by VP Student Activities Michael Darlow, aims to unify the teams with a recognisable brand.

The logo embraces the history of Brunel founded in 1966 and the iconic bridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Developed in association with Surridge, the Union worked with students from the sports clubs to create the new Team Brunel kits, due to debut in Freshers 2016.

When contacted by Le Nurb, VPSA Michael Darlow had this to say:

For too long now Brunel sports clubs have been without unity, without an an identity which separates us from the crowd and unifies our teams under one brand. Wednesday afternoons should be a day that clearly unifies our clubs but far too often we look disjointed, with teams heading in different directions in the way they look. We’ve been without a distinctive brand that displays us as a professional outfit and a formidable opposition.

"I was elected to be your Vice President Student Activities with a vision of our clubs being easily recognised and identified, no matter where in the country they may be. This vision is shared by many Brunel students, and was a pillar of my campaign this year. I am pleased to announce that, after months of hard work, we are now stepping into a new era of sport here at Brunel.

"The launch of the Team Brunel brand.”

Team Brunel

More information can be found on the Union website.