Yesterday, Student President Ali Milani announced that the union have gained funding from the university to provide 300 accommodation bursaries of £500.

The union have negotiated a total of £150,000 from the university to provide this, however the details of how the money will be distributed and who is eligible are still unclear.

In a Facebook post, Mr Milani said:


When Le Nurb contacted Mr Milani concerning the lack of detail, he said:

"Over the coming months I will be working on what the most proactive approach is to ensuring these reach those that need it most. The hard part has been done, the funding has been secured, now is the due diligence."

Currently student's are under growing financial pressure due to the large increase in tuition fees, removal of the maintenance grants and rising rents. Recently Brunel students, lead by the UBS, held a demonstration outside Boris Johnson's Uxbridge office, calling for him to stop the cuts to the maintenance grants and answer to his constituents. Boris Johnson did not respond.

VPSA Michael Darlow and VPCHLS Aaron Lowman at the demonstration
join the fight
Student carries NUS Join The Fight poster
save our grants
Students assembled outside the Civic Centre in Uxbridge, calling for MP Boris Johnson to come and answer to his constituents



It appears that this year's officers are working hard to combat the financial struggle of Brunel's poorest students and hopefully over the coming months more information will be released as to how these bursaries will work.