If you read the news, watch the TV or scroll through social media you can’t help avoid the stream of footage and photographs coming out of Syria at the moment. Quite frankly, you shouldn’t be able to. 

But I don’t want to write about the politics of what is happening right now, or talk about why one image of a dead child is viewed as more important than the thousands that come before and after. I want to write about something you, yes you, can do right now.

Right now, bombs are dropping on innocent people in Syria. People like you, people like me.

Today, more than 50 bombs and mortars will land on Syrian neighbourhoods. Barrels of rusty nails and explosives are dropped onto markets and bakeries.

But there are a group of unlikely heroes, The White Helmets. These are the courageous men and women - former tailors, bakers, teachers and other ordinary Syrians - who banded together in 2013 to save the lives of others like them.

As it stands, they have saved over 62,000 people. And every day that goes up.

"When I want to save someone’s life I don’t care if he’s an enemy or a friend. What concerns me is the soul that might die” - Abed, The White Helmets

This amazing group missed out on this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos for the referendum that attempted to end the country’s 52-year-long civil war.

So The Syria Campaign have set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise the $1 million they would have received in prize money, so they can replace their equipment and continue the tireless work.

In the current climate, it’s very easy to feel desensitised and lost as to what you can do. This is something you can do right now, be it £1 or £50. You can help raise the people’s million for these persevering heroes.

You can donate here: https://act.thesyriacampaign.org/sign/peoples-million?source=fb

For more information on the white helmets, what they do and where the money will go, click visit their site: https://www.whitehelmets.org

women white helmets

Small print

100% of money raised goes directly to the White Helmets. Your contribution will change the lives of Syria's lifesavers - please give generously.

The Syria Campaign is organising this fundraiser. We are a global advocacy group dedicated to mobilising support around the world for a free and peaceful Syria. We first heard of the inspiring work of the White Helmets in early 2014 and since then we have been working to get them the profile, respect and funding that they so desperately deserve. Syria is full of heroes, none more so than the White Helmets.

Donations are processed through "The Voices Project" which is the legal name of The Syria Campaign - registered in the UK. The Syria Campaign/Voices Project receives no money from this fundraising campaign and all money collected will go directly to the White Helmets.

To learn more about the White Helmets and The Syria Campaign, check out these links:



To get in touch with campaign organisers, email info@thesyriacampaign.org