Around 4pm on Saturday 4th July, Uxbridge Town Centre experienced a power cut, confused crowds and a noticeable presence of security guards and police officers patrolling the area.

The indoor shopping centre lost power in some of its stores, while others remained open.

A power cut in a shopping centre, however, does not explain such a reaction from police officers.

By taping off other parts of Uxbridge Town Centre, it seems that the police are not patrolling Intu Uxbridge, but rather the area as a whole.

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Though Intu Uxbridge has not released an official statement, they told Le Nurb that it was simply a power cut and that they are "still waiting for power to come back on."

The source of the power outage has not yet been confirmed.

Confused crowds gathered outside, though at no point were they officially evacuated by the shopping centre.

According to Intu Uxbridge, "some [customers] went outside, some of them stayed", as "not all shops were shut."

Kerri Prince, a customer in Intu Uxbridge at the time, disagrees.

We were in H&M and the power suddenly turned itself off. The music stopped playing and the lights went off. It was dark in the shop as there is no natural light, but we could see every one moving towards the entrance and out of the door. Security and staff at the shop were stopping people on their way out and making sure that they didn't have any items on them. All of the row of shops near H&M had their lights off, with hundreds of people moving towards the exits. But the lights and power were still working near the front of H&M by Waterstones. We left the building, came back 10 minutes later and they had put up police tape surrounding the entrance to Intu and people were filing out in their hundreds. People seemed confused, not panicked, and the security seemed more preoccupied with making sure people weren't stealing rather than getting everyone out safely and quickly.

Police are patrolling the area, and while it is sensible to assume that it is in order to prevent shoplifting and disorder, Intu Uxbridge have stated that they "don't know exactly what's going on outside."

Further statements from the police to follow.