Varsity 2017: New Teams, New Kit, Same Rivalry


The West London Varsity between Brunel University and St Mary's is always a heated one. Faces are painted and tension splits the crowded sports hall.

In the past Brunel have dominated remaining unbeaten for 5 years, before St Mary's stole the trophy for the first time in 2014. Since then it has been a game of cat and mouse, with Brunel winning at home, and St Mary's winning on their campus. The overall score currently sits at 6-2 to Brunel, but after a disappointing loss away last year, Brunelians are more determined than ever to bring it home.

Varsity 2015 - the last varsity to take place on the Brunel campus.

This year the day sees two exciting new additions: mixed lacrosse and wheelchair basketball. However many will be upset to hear that women's basketball will not be taking part due to St Mary's inability to field a team.

Le Nurb have been following the teams since January and have created a varsity video showcasing the huge sporting talent Brunel has, launched on the Team Brunel twitter and shown above.

The West London Varsity will take place on Wednesday 29th March 2017. To keep up to date on all the varsity information make sure you follow @le_nurbonline and @teambrunel on twitter!

Video shot and edited by Elisabeth Mahase