As we roll into October the Autumn Student Elections are upon us, as people prepare to campaign and vote for the Student Assembly and NUS delegates. The 22 positions are open to students at Brunel who wish to represent their peers, ensuring that the voice of over 14,000 students is heard, as well as providing a platform for concerns, opinions and ideas. These democratically elected Student Assembly members can then take a leading role in projects and campaigns within the University as they work alongside 30 full time staff to continue to make Brunel a great place to study.

There are 11 Student Assembly and 18 NUS roles available in the Autumn elections which will take place from the 15th of October through to the 17th. They will work within the student assembly where they will decide on the policies and campaigns of the union, as well as it providing a stage on which to hold Student Officers to account for their actions. Those who gain NUS roles will have a say in NUS as a wider general organisation on behalf of Brunel, making sure our views are taken into account on a nationwide stage.

When Asked about the  positions within the Autumn Elections, UBS President Martin Zaranyika Said:

“Running in the election is extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. Personally the benefit which sticks out in my mind is that as an elected representative you are given the opportunity to affect change and over the years students who have thrown their names in the hat have been able to spearhead reforms that range from having a 24 library on campus to getting the University to reduce the rate in proposed accommodation fee increases. In addition, the election process enables you to meet like-minded as well as not so like-minded people which is always useful in boarding your horizons. Furthermore, the skillset you can gain if you put time and effort into the role can go a long way in preparing you for life after Brunel.”

Here we have In-depth and exclusive info from the candidates, helping you decide which one will best fill their role and represent you.  Best of luck to all who are running this year, and don't forget to vote!

Chair of Student Assembly

The Chair is responsible for leading Assembly meetings, and ensuring everyone in attendance has an equal say with in the meeting. They are also responsible for ensuring that the meetings run on time, and that a fair and balanced debate takes place on all items up for discussion. The chair, along with: the President, Vice President Academic Representation and the Vice-Chair, is responsible for setting the order of motions to be discussed.



MR TI OJUYAH (OTI) (No manifesto)


Student Assembly Vice Chair

The Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair is responsible for leading Assembly meetings, and ensuring everyone in attendance has an equal say with in the meeting. They are also responsible for ensuring that the meetings run on time, and that a fair and balanced debate takes place on all items up for discussion. The vice chair, along with: the President, Vice President Academic Representation and the Chair, is responsible for setting the order of motions to be discussed


Postgraduate Students' Chair

The Postgraduate Students' Chair will, along with postgraduate reps, will represent the interests of postgraduate students at Brunel.

  • MR TEODOSI GININ (No manifesto)
  • MR JACK JUSTUS (No manifesto)
  • MR USMAN MUZAFFAR (No manifesto)
    • "I am running for Post Graduate Representative, I am dynamic, hard-working student of MSc Marketing. Though Its my passion to excel and learn marketing and all its approaches, but on other hand I don't believe in to play with the emotions of anyone in the name of fake marketing.I belive to put all my best efforts to get good and best results for my assinged tasks, without undermining their quality. Believing in honesty and profoundly presenting my role, team work and its acheivments to target audience.I assure to uphold this task with best zeal, dedication, modesty and dignity.The position requires new energy, more team players, dedication, charismatic professionals and believe to provide best for the students faculty and university. Their is need to develop and strengthen more linkages among students and faculty members. The voice of the students should be presented with clear views and ideas and to avoid any misunderstanding.The communication among students and University should remains on regular terms and every medium should be use to establish and stregthen it more. The introduction of E newsletters and or regular meetings should be highligted. Their is need to promote peace and respect for all human beings without any biased."
  • MISS IQRA QADER (No manifesto)

Student Assembly Community Members

As a community Assembly member your role is to represent the student community at Brunel. You will sit on Student Assembly and decide the policies and campaigns of the Union, making sure that it is working on the issues that matter to Brunel students.

  • MR KWAKU ADU GYAMFI (No manifesto)
  • MOHAMED AHMED (No manifesto)
  • MR HAMZA BIN AHSAN (No manifesto) 
    • "I believe I can bring a bit of diversity to the student assembly, being a student I know how I would like to be treated at the university I’m going to study for the next three or four years, Representing the student community at Brunel gives me an opportunity to be the voice of home and international students and working for the betterment of the student community. I’m good with time management and I’m well organized. I believe I have the skills required for this role. I believe nothing in this world is perfect and there is always room for improvement for everything, being neutral and ensuring all possible sides of an argument are heard is the most important aspect for a student assembly community member. We need to make sure that students who do not take part in extra curricular activities or do not live on campus are also happy to be a part of Brunel and do not feel left out"
  • MR NATHAN ANTWI (No manifesto)
  • MR NICHOLAS CRUST (No manifesto)
  • MISS HORLANE MBAYO (No manifesto)
  • MISS JADE NELSON (No manifesto)
  • MISS GEMMA O'CONNOR (No manifesto)
  • MISS GRACE WITHERDEN (No manifesto)

Societies Guild Committee

As the societies Guild committee we have no specific positions but as a whole meet up to review new society applications and plan and organise the societies awards show. We also address complaints from societies and provide them with solutions to problems within our capabilities and refer much more complex problems to members of the Student Union who can. We are also responsible for setting budgets for Societies for the coming year.

  • MR HABIB CHAM (No manifesto)

NUS Delegate

The role of NUS Delegate is to attend the National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference in April 2015 (date TBC), to represent the views of Brunel students. Delegates’ debate and vote on what policy NUS should work towards in the coming year. This election has reserved places for women candidates, meaning that at least 2 positions are reserved for women candidates.

  • MS RUTENDO NJANIKE (No manifesto)

Le Nurb Committee Member

    • "I’ve always believed Le Nurb should be more than just contributing articles to the newspaper. I created a Le Nurb fantasy football league this summer, demonstrating that I believe Le Nurb should be a fun experience for students, and I believe as a result, that will encourage more students to read our articles in print and online. I’m not doing this just for something on my CV; I’m doing this is to help create a better Le Nurb that this wonderful university deserves. With a great team at Le Nurb in place already, I think there are plenty that can be achieved in my potential role as Le Nurb committee member. I think building more connections with clubs and societies within the university is important. Also with many different organisations in an attempt to get more press packs for more events. This was something I achieved when working for the magazine at my previous university, and I am confident I can help achieve it here at Brunel."


  • MR TEODOSI GININ (No manifesto)
    • "Over the past three months I have worked closely with the VPs and members of the Union - from the Media Chair right up to the CEO - to create and improve the processes by which Student Media as a whole operates. I wish to continue this work,  and feel that I can continue to bring efficient, pragmatic,  achievable solutions to the day to day problems which student media faces,  while also working towards overarching media goals of excellence.I feel the core goal of the media committee is going to be the creation of achievable short term goals for each of the branches. I want these steps for each branch to bring student media together as a whole,  and increase the productivity of all branches through the development of better, simpler,and less bureaucratic processes. I want to empower and enable the students and volunteers which create our student media,  while working to protect and defend those same students."

Radio Brunel Committee Member

  • Elizabeth Blake  (No manifesto)
    • "Over the past few months I have been working tirelessly as part of Radio Brunel to get the station up and running and fit for broadcast. During this process I negotiated the use of the Artaud Radio Suite, as well as having a hand in setting up the broadcast server, website, and various other technical aspects. If elected I feel I can continue to bring this high level of dedication and enthusiasm to the station, as well as establishing links with other sections of media to improve and expand content.  In regards to improvement, I feel that greater internal links with other sectors of Brunel media can be made, with frequent collaborations to the benefit of all involved. Also, external links are something that can be looked into such as promotional companies, alumni, and influential figures. I feel that a continual creation of new and topical content is essential, and is something that should be really focused on, along with the further advertisement and promotion of Radio Brunel."

Radio Brunel Station Manager

RAG Media Officer

Admin to website and Facebook page; submissions to the media chair i.e. Le Nurb, Radio Brunel, Video Brunel.

  • MISS GEMMA O'CONNOR (No manifesto)

RAG Secretary

Minute-taking at meetings; Communications with charities; Social planning.

Note: For all of these positions there is also the option to R.O.N. (Re Open Nominations) if you do not feel any candidates are suitable. 

Disclaimer: All Candidates were given equal opportunities to answer our questions. All questions were limited to 100 word responses in order for our coverage to stay impartial. If your responses are not on here and you would like them to be, please email our Deputy Online Editor Oliver Ronaldson at