On arrival to Brunel, fresher's are inundated with costs for books, food, rent and of course the social life that comes with being a fresher!

When it comes to paying large amounts for yearly sports memberships, students can get put off. So Michael Darlow, the Vice President of Student Activities, decided to change that.

He wrote on Facebook and Instagram:

club membership**BIG NEWS** I am very pleased to announce the introduction of a termly installment payment option to a number of our sports clubs. This is a pilot scheme using six clubs; Netball, Rugby Union, Rowing, Rugby League, Basketball and Jiu-Jitsu. If this pilot is a success, we will aim to make this payment option available across all sports.

The sports club membership prices will be divided into two, each payment will be required when their student loan drops. This scheme has two great benefits. When a student arrives at University they are faced with numerous financial pressures, I am pleased to say that through the introduction of this scheme, the cost of a membership does not have to be one. Secondly, I know a number of circumstances where a student has been unable to participate in sport because of the cost. This scheme breaks down the cost and makes the membership affordable, removing a barrier to participation and increasing engagement with our sports federation.

Speaking to Le Nurb, Darlow said:

"I have had numerous people contact me about this and I am so pleased this option is now available. The large sum expected to be paid is now broken down and become much more affordable for students. As their student loan drops they can pay for their sporting endeavours.

"A lot of hard work has gone into this since I was the Sports Fed Chair, it's great to see it materialise."