By Erica Wilson

Oh right, you’re new here so you don’t actually know (hint: it’s, unfortunately, not Ghostbusters). Here’s some of the most common problems you’ll face as a Fresher and the important contacts you will need to solve them!

Need an on-campus Parking Permit? Have you lost your student card and need a new one? Are you having issues connecting to Blackboard, eVision, your email or the campus WiFi? Need to change your name or other details registered with the University?

The Student Centre can help with any of the problems listed above, and many more. If you have any problems they can’t solve, they’re also pretty good at pointing you in the right direction. Call them on +44 (0)1895 268268 or visit them on the ground floor of the Bannerman Centre (AKA the library). As for issues or queries related to your academic studies, you should contact your Personal Tutor who will be assigned to you during your first couple of weeks.

You will need to be able to access BlackBoard, eVision and your student email account while at Brunel which are accessible through This is also where you should go for online payments, such as accommodation, and to register your wireless devices to access the campus WiFi. These are invaluable resources and you can probably find the answers to your questions or concerns here. If you have any problems you can also visit the Student Centre or the Computer Centre on the ground floor of the Bannerman Centre (Library).

The ASK (Academic Skills) centre is another invaluable resource you should make use of during your degree. They are located on the ground floor of the Library and will assist you with, well, academic skills. They often run workshops and webinars on academic writing and structure, presentations, statistic and data interpretation and basic numeracy and algebra. Drop in to book an appointment with an advisor, or you can email

If you’re an International student, it’s a good idea to keep the Brunel International centre in mind. They will provide advice, help and support for any international student, whether it be about fees, English-teaching courses, your Visa – pretty much anything! And they will always put you in the right direction of people who can help you. You can call them on 0044 (0)1895 265519 or email at

During Fresher’s Week it’s normal for everyone to party late and make a bit of noise, and obviously it’s a good idea to make friends and join in with the fun! But if this continues throughout the year and interferes with your sleep and studies, you can call Security and they will deal with the source of the noise. Remember though that this can sometimes result in a fine, so only call if you are unable to ask said noisemakers to quieten down first. You should also call Security if you encounter any troublesome or threatening behaviour while on campus. They are available 24/7 so you should call them on +44 (0)1895 255786, but remember to call 999 in the case of a serious emergency.

Coming to University thrusts a lot of new responsibility onto you, including having to manage your money. If you find yourself struggling to budget or without any money, you can go to the Student Centre, who can assist you with emergency loans. The Money Doctors are also located here, who will help you budget your money and give you advice on how to spend responsibly.

Just please remember not to sit on your problems and hope they go away. There is no problem too big or too small that can’t be fixed, and don’t feel disheartened if you get confused or overwhelmed – There is an awful lot of support available and often you might not know where to go, but believe me this is a good problem to have! Talk to friends and family! Go visit the Student Centre, or email your Personal Tutor, who will help you with most issues.