Leeds University has topped the list of cheapest alcohol prices for students in the UK.

The figures came from this year’s Price of a Pint Index with the Northern city selling its punters alcohol ranging from a pint, vodka and a mixer to a glass of wine for £6 each. conducted the research and found out that students in Britain spend on average £121 on alcohol during fresher’s week alone. With their annual Price of a Pint Index also revealing that Leeds students get the most for their money, especially in comparison to their counterparts in London, where the average drink comes in at £7.65.

The Index compared prices of a pint in over 20 of the UK's top universities, Leeds came out at the top with their drinks falling by 27p since last year’s figures. Manchester and Bristol followed closely behind with student union bar drinks adding up to £6.35 and £6.50. Ulster fell in bottom place with an extortionate £8.70 price tag it is considered the most expensive place for a student night out.

The average price of a pint in student union bars was £2.37, up by 7p since 2013, but Manchester Metropolitan University wins this battle with their cheapest price of a pint coming in at an impressive £1.70.

Anita Naik, Lifestyle Editor for said: “There are loads of ways to have fun without parting with too much cash. Head over to to see what discounts you can grab with your student card.”

The Price of a Pint Index research was carried out with 750 student participants consisting of both graduates and post-graduates.