By Alexandra Marill

Have you ever found yourself in a terribly embarrassing situation, begging God for help, thinking “why on earth is this happening to me!”? Have you been locked outside your room in your most attractive cartoon PJ’s without your keys and phone? Have you missed the last bus home and are already beginning to feel the dreaded hangover coming on? Or have you opted for a white shift dress, completely forgetting that you selected a red thong this morning?

Well I have. And Bridget always does.

It’s no shock to us that, in the new instalment in the Bridget Jones saga, Bridget finds herself looked outside, with no money, no phone, no keys and, disappointingly, no chocolate. Yet, all is not lost.

What a surprise?! The handsome man has come to save the day ... What a great fairy tale ... But this part doesn't happen in real life does it?...Or maybe it’s just not happening to me.

Though I find her relationship ventures completely unbelievable (when will a clever handsome man save me from incarceration in Thailand?), I still aspire to be like her. In addition to being honest, real and touchingly naïve, Bridget knows how to speak to us women. She is more than a simple comedy character, Bridget represents us! She represents our intimate problems, our heart breaks, and every single imperfection. We can relate to her through our shared failures and catastrophes. If you are a true Bridget Jones fan, you'll remember the prison scene from The Edge of Reason where our favourite blonde taught the Thai inmates how to sing classic Madonna. She swapped her favourite bras for cheap cigarettes and trained Thai women how to behave like sophisticated London ladies…well, as sophisticated as Bridget knows how to be when she’s wearing her bra over her top. She’s endearing and inspiring, she’s a woman that you want to be!

Because, despite her misfortune, Bridget always finds herself surrounded and cherished by the ones she loves and admires. And, it begs the question... how can you not like Bridget?

Awkwardly charming, she is a stark contrast to the cold, cynical Mark Darcy, who only speaks when necessary and outright refuses to laugh (except when he is laughing at Bridget, particularly when she's running around in her pants in the snow on Christmas Day). She will always make everybody laugh, sometimes at her instead of with her but you take what you can get right?

In the most recent chapter of Bridget’s life, one beloved character is actually missing. The handsome player, our favourite heart-breaker, is nowhere to be seen. *Bridget voice* Where is the despicable Daniel Cleaver?

N.B. According to rumours, Hugh Grant refused to star in the film, because he didn't like the script.

So, who battles for Bridget’s affections in Daniel’s place? Well, please enter Jack Qwant. He is an American and a mathematician and did I mention that he’s outrageously sexy. His money-making discovery is an algorithm designed to help people find the love of their life. But the question is: Has he already done the maths and calculated Bridget?

That is for you to discover.

So, from international hunks to costume malfunctions, the undeniably entertaining life of Bridget Jones gives all girls some semblance of hope for romance and happy endings. And this is why I will always hold a special place in my heart for Bridget Jones.

But I wonder…

If you were Bridget, who would you choose?

Make sure to catch the film when it's released on DVD at the end of January.