Shelly Spooner

The women’s hockey varsity team were pumped and raring for what we knew would be a brutal match, after St. Mary’s reluctantly agreed to play after their cup game in the morning.
After losing the toss, the odds did not seem to be in our favour. It was a positive start from Brunel with Shelly Spooner hitting at least 3 Simmies and getting a green card, Aimee Abbott and Nicole Sinclair making some breakthrough runs into their D, but not to be rewarded with a goal.
Simmies were shortly after awarded a short corner, but with a defence as strong as ours, that ball was not going in…yet. As a result of Hannah Jones and Becka O’Connor’s persistence, Brunel were then awarded with 3 consecutive short corners, but still no goal, which was not to be the case for much longer, unfortunately, not in Brunel’s favour.
Their captain went on the run and got one into goal, Simmies 1 Brunel 0. At half time, the talk was very positive and Brunel knew we could get this back, but the game was just not going in our favour. After getting momentum back after the half time break, the umpire decided that all spectators had to leave the venue as he believed they were being a nuisance, making play stop for at least 10 minutes.
As a result of losing this momentum, Simmies scored another goal not long after, resulting in a 2-0 loss to Brunel. It was not our day but the whole team enjoyed what would seem to be an unenjoyable game.
As many of the team were leaving, it was good to have that final time where we could all wear our Brunel shirts with pride. Stats: 2 hits to the head, 4 people taking a flying tumble and many foot injuries…Varsity brutality.