The idea is to build a stronger community and with that in mind, students have been using Yik Yak to advertise their social events, share funny stories or update what is happening on campus in hopes of bringing the whole community together.

Every year there is a new hot shot tech story that makes student living and social life much more entertaining. Luckily for us, this year’s brand new deal is geared towards University students who are seventeen and over. Anyone who is willing to create a fun and friendly environment now has the opportunity to connect anonymously with their peers by mass sharing a witty comment, a funny story, or an idea.

Yik Yak was launched in 2013 in the United States, and has since spread quickly throughout the whole country before finally crossing over to the United Kingdom. The app has grown so quickly in popularity partially because it makes students feel up-to-date with that is going on around them. It allows them to organize events, share thoughts, and fill up their spare time with something interesting, fun and engaging. You can even use the app without needing to make an account. Users can also see anonymous posts made by individuals within a 10 mile radius of their current location, and can choose to interact with them by up-voting, or down-voting or replying to their posts - all completely anonymously. The app is also completely free!

The top-voted Yaks in your area appear under the “hot” tab, and the more popular your post gets, the higher your Yakarma score becomes, creating the challenge to become a top Yakker! If you’re short of ideas on what to post, or just feel like going one step further, you can use the peek option, which allows you to pick any area in the world and view the Yaks from there! The use of anonymity may appear to facilitate negative behavior, but the app is not has a strong self-policing feature incorporated into it. If a user encounters a negative Yak, they are able to downvote it and as soon as it reaches six or more downvotes, the post gets automatically deleted.

In many universities in the United States, the app is already so popular that even lecturers and professors have begun using the app. They argue that it has become a part of their university’s culture, and thus they strongly felt the need to be a part of it. They have also noticed that when they post motivational Yaks encouraging students to keep their spirits up during stressful times, it turned out to be a great emotional support for them and strengthens student-teacher relationships.

Yik Yak has chosen Brunel University to be their first stop here in England, and they’re looking forward to a warm welcome from the student body. They hope to grow their herd by introducing all the useful features on their app, and adapting it to the Brunel way of life. So Brunel, Yak something worth reading, or do something worth Yakking.